How do I apply for registration with the OISC?


STEP 1: Check your DBS certificate / Apply for a DBS certificate if required

  • You need to supply a DBS certificate with your application
  • It must be less than 6 months old on the date you submit your application
  • You can apply for one through your organisation
  • Alternatively, you can apply for your DBS check through the OISC

STEP 2: Check the upcoming assessment dates

  • Time your application to go in roughly 5-6 weeks before the assessment you would like to sit

STEP 3: Complete a ‘New Adviser Application and Competence Statement

  • Do not worry if you do not have the experience they ask for, just put down your experience and let them decide

STEP 4: Enclose proof of your right to work in the UK

  • For example: a copy of your passport

STEP 5: Submit your application

  • If your organisation is already registered, upload all documents to the OISC’s Dropbox account
  • If your organisation is not registered, give your application form to the person who is preparing the organisation’s application for registration