Greater Manchester Asylum Guides

Picture of a woman talking to a Refugee Action advice worker.

Volunteer guides work directly with newly arrived asylum seekers in Greater Manchester to help them navigate their way through the asylum and support system in the UK.

The majority of newly arrived asylum seekers arrive in the United Kingdom without even a basic understanding of its asylum process. Many asylum seekers are confused about the information they need for their asylum interviews, unsure of their rights and at huge risk of wrongful refusal, homelessness and exploitation by people who take advantage of their situation.

Refugee Action’s Asylum Guides project is led by volunteers who provide support, advice and guidance to ensure that asylum seekers in Greater Manchester  are safe, become more aware of their rights, improve their understanding about living in Greater Manchester and make connections in the community.

Who does this service support?

Asylum seekers who have recently arrived or been relocated to the Greater Manchester area.

How to contact this service

Please contact us to refer yourself or someone else to this service. We will reply as soon as we can.

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