Increasing Asylum Justice

Picture of an asylum seeker and an advice worker looking at a folder of paperwork.

Providing legal support for asylum seekers in Greater Manchester as they prepare their asylum claims and appeals.

Cuts to legal aid have put enormous pressure on immigration legal advice services. For many asylum seekers, this stops them getting the legal advice they need to help them prove their need for protection in the UK.

Our Increasing Asylum Justice project helps empower asylum seekers in Greater Manchester to understand the process they are going through and enables them to take action to positively affect their situation at two points in the asylum process:

  • Shortly after the point of application for asylum when we work alongside an asylum seeker for the course of their asylum claim; and
  • At the end of the asylum process, for those who have been failed by the system, to support them to explore the option of re-entering the system through a fresh asylum claim.

The project also works with legal advice providers, helping them to understand the needs and vulnerabilities of asylum seekers. In doing so, it’s helping more asylum seekers get the legal help and fair treatment they urgently need.

Who does this service support?

Asylum seekers in Greater Manchester who need  legal advice and help in understanding their rights, and the legal advisors proving them with assistance.

How to contact this service

Please contact us to refer yourself or someone else to this service. We will reply as soon as we can.

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