OISC Level 1 (Immigration)

A 5-day course intended for trainees who wish to register with the OISC in order to deliver immigration advice at Level 1. The course will cover the syllabus for the Level 1 (immigration ) assessment. The course will not automatically lead to registration with the OISC and trainees will be responsible for submitting their application for registration to the OISC, and for attending and passing assessments.

Module 1 Introduction  
Unit 1 Why am I here?
Unit 2 Introduction to Regulation
Unit 3 The Role of an OISC L1 Advisor
Unit 4 Duties and Responsibilities
Unit 5 Legal Aid
Unit 6 Using Interpreters
Unit 7 Drafting Skills
Unit 8 Online Resources
Unit 9 QUIZ: Introduction to OISC Level 1
Module 2 Immigration Control: The 1971 Act, the Immigration Rules, etc.  
Unit 1 The Framework of Immigration Control
Unit 2 The Mechanics of the Immigration Rules
Unit 3 How to Read the Rules
Unit 4 QUIZ: UK Ancestry
Unit 5 General Provisions #1: Definitions, Entry to the UK, etc.
Unit 6 General Provisions #2: Making an Application
Unit 7 General Provisions #3: Appeals and Administrative Reviews
Unit 8 General Provisions #4: Medical, Overstayers and Settlement
Unit 9 QUIZ: Immigration Control
Unit 10 Student Queries - Immigration Control
Module 3 General Grounds for Refusal (Part 9 of the Immigration Rules)  
Unit 1 Introducing the General Grounds
Unit 2 Grounds for Refusal - Entry Clearance and Leave to Enter
Unit 3 Grounds for Refusal/Cancellation - Arriving with Leave to Enter or Leave to Remain
Unit 4 Grounds for Refusal - Further Leave to Remain, Variation of Leave to Enter or Remain and Settlement
Unit 5 Grounds for Curtailing Existing Leave
Unit 6 QUIZ: Part 9 - General Grounds for Refusal
Module 4 Basic Nationality Law  
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 History
Unit 3 The British Nationality Act 1981 (as amended)
Unit 4 QUIZ: Basic Nationality Law
Unit 5 Further Activities
Module 5 Private and Family Life  
Unit 1 Introduction to Private and Family Life
Unit 2 Family and Private Life Outside Appendix FM
Unit 3 Introduction to Appendix FM
Unit 4 Partners under Appendix FM
Unit 5 Bereaved Partners and Victims of Domestic Violence
Unit 6 Other Routes under Appendix FM
Unit 7 QUIZ: Private and Family Life
Unit 8 Further Activities
Unit 9 Student Queries - Private and Family Life
Module 6 European Free Movement  
Unit 1 Introduction to Free Movement
Unit 2 The Free Movement Rights and the EEA Regulations
Unit 3 Other Provisions in the EEA Regulations
Unit 4 Documents
Unit 5 QUIZ: European Free Movement
Unit 6 The EU Settlement Scheme: Overview
Unit 7 The EU Settlement Scheme: The Technical Stuff
Unit 8 The EU Settlement Scheme: Eligibility Requirements
Unit 9 The EU Settlement Scheme: Outcomes
Unit 10 The EU Settlement Scheme: Level 1 or Level 2 - A Guide
Unit 11 QUIZ: The EU Settlement Scheme
Unit 12 Further Activities
Module 7 Visitors  
Unit 1 Visitors
Unit 2 The how and why of visiting the UK
Unit 3 Requirements for visitors
Unit 4 Other Provisions
Unit 5 Summary
Unit 6 QUIZ: Visitors
Unit 7 Further Activities
Module 8 Work and Study  
Unit 1 Outside the Points Based System
Unit 2 The Points Based System
Unit 3 Overview of the PBS Routes
Unit 4 Example #1: Walk-Through, Tier 2 (General)
Unit 5 Example #2: Walk-Through, Tier 4 (General) Students
Unit 6 Appendix W
Unit 7 QUIZ: Work and Study
Module 9 Last Words  
Unit 1 What next?
Unit 2 Revision Support Pack
Unit 3 After passing an assessment
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This course is free if your organisation is a FIAP member