OISC Level 1 (Asylum & Protection)

A 1-day course intended for trainees who wish to be able to do the limited work permitted at Level 1 in the Asylum and Protection category. This includes notifying the Home Office of an asylum seeker’s change of address and helping a person with Humanitarian Protection to apply for a travel document. The course will not automatically lead to registration with the OISC and trainees will be responsible for submitting their application for registration to the OISC. There is no assessment for registration in this category.

Module 1 Introduction  
Unit 1 Why am I here?
Unit 2 Activity - What can you do?
Unit 3 The Main Sources of Asylum Law
Unit 4 Case Studies
Module 2 The Definition of a Refugee  
Unit 1 Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Unit 2 The Definition of a Refugee
Unit 3 Well-Founded Fear
Unit 4 Persecution
Unit 5 Convention Reason
Unit 6 State Protection
Unit 7 Internal Flight
Unit 8 Credibility
Unit 9 Cessation and Exclusion
Unit 10 QUIZ: The Definition of a Refugee
Module 3 Human Rights and Subsidiary Protection  
Unit 1 Human Rights
Unit 2 Subsidiary Protection
Unit 3 Restricted Leave
Unit 4 QUIZ: Human Rights and Subsidiary Protection
Module 4 The Asylum Process  
Unit 1 The Asylum Process
Unit 2 Claiming Asylum
Unit 3 The Screening Interview
Unit 4 The 'Preliminary Information Questionnaire'
Unit 5 The Asylum Interview
Unit 6 The Decision
Unit 7 Appeals
Unit 8 Fresh Claims
Unit 9 Grants and Entitlements
Unit 10 QUIZ: The Asylum Process, etc.
Unit 11 Reminder: OISC L1 Advice Boundaries
Module 5 Welfare and Support for Asylum Seekers  
Unit 1 Section 95 and Section 98
Unit 2 Section 4
Unit 3 Access to Healthcare
Unit 4 QUIZ: Asylum Support, etc.
Module 6 Other Matters  
Unit 1 Volunteering for Asylum Seekers
Unit 2 UK-Born Children: Applications for 'Leave in Line'
Module 7 Last Words  
Unit 1 I've Finished! What Next?
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