OISC Level 2 (Asylum & Protection)

A 5-day course intended for trainees who wish to register with the OISC in order to advise and assist individuals with asylum claims, fresh claims, family reunion applications and applications for indefinite leave to remain on protection grounds. Trainees do not need to have passed an assessment or be registered with the OISC at Level 1 in the Immigration category before applying for registration at Level 2 in the Asylum and Protection category. However trainees do need to have received training in Immigration at OISC Level 1. The course will not automatically lead to registration with the OISC and trainees will be responsible for submitting their application for registration or their application to raise their levels to the OISC, and for attending and passing assessments.

Module 1 Introduction  
Unit 1 Why am I here?
Unit 2 How do I approach this course?
Unit 3 Sources of Refugee Law
Module 2 The Definition of a Refugee  
Unit 1 "Owing to a well-founded fear..."
Unit 2 "...of being persecuted..."
Unit 3 "...for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion..."
Unit 4 "...is outside the country of his nationality..."
Unit 5 "...and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country…"
Unit 6 Exclusion
Unit 7 Cessation
Unit 8 Appendix A – Children
Unit 9 QUIZ: The Refugee Convention
Module 3 Subsidiary Protection  
Unit 1 Subsidiary Protection: Overview
Unit 2 Article 15(a)
Unit 3 Article 15(b)
Unit 4 Article 15(c)
Unit 5 Exclusion
Unit 6 Cessation
Unit 7 Appendix B: Article 15(c)
Unit 8 QUIZ: Subsidiary Protection
Module 4 Evidence in Asylum Claims  
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 The Burden and Standard of Proof
Unit 3 Sources of Evidence in Asylum Claims
Unit 4 What needs to be evidenced?
Unit 5 Practical Considerations
Module 5 The Asylum Process and Beyond  
Unit 1 Diagram of the Asylum Process
Unit 2 Claiming Asylum
Unit 3 The Screening Interview
Unit 4 Routing
Unit 5 The Asylum Interview
Unit 6 The Decision
Unit 7 Key Entitlements
Unit 8 Keeping Status
Unit 9 Appendix C: The Dublin III Regulation
Unit 10 Appendix D: Trafficking
Unit 11 QUIZ: The Asylum Process and Beyond
Module 6 Asylum Appeals  
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Rights of Appeal
Unit 3 Certification
Unit 4 Lodging Appeals
Unit 5 An Overview of the Appeals Process
Unit 6 Asylum Decisions
Unit 7 Cautionary Afterword
Unit 8 QUIZ: Appeals
Module 7 Fresh Claims  
Unit 1 Part 12 of the Immigration Rules
Unit 2 New Material
Unit 3 Preparing a Fresh Claim
Unit 4 Submitting a Fresh Claim
Unit 5 Appendix E: Nationality Disputes
Module 8 Course Activities and Resources  
Unit 1 Memory Ayesu (Witness Statement / The Definition of a Refugee)
Unit 2 Freidrich (Scenario / Evidence)
Unit 3 Memory Ayesu (Attendance Note / Ethics)
Unit 4 Hamed (Fresh Claim / Findings of Fact)
Unit 5 Osman and Samina (Sample Paper / Fresh Claim / Dependents)
Module 9 Last Words  
Unit 1 I've finished! What next?
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