Immigration Advice - Awareness and Boundaries

This course is aimed at individuals who are not presently registered with the OISC. It aims to raise awareness about the need for immigration advice, how it is defined and regulated and how to work with migrants without giving immigration advice

Module 1 Introduction  
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 Immigration Advice and Regulation  
Unit 1 Why do migrants need immigration advice?
Unit 2 ACTIVITY #1: Guess which tasks need to be regulated
Unit 3 Background to Regulation
Unit 4 Activity #2: Filling out a simple form
Unit 5 "Immigration Advice" and "Immigration Services"
Unit 6 ACTIVITY #3: The Frontline Amateur Dramatic Society presents...
Module 3 Supporting Clients to Engage with their Legal Adviser  
Unit 1 Intoduction
Unit 2 Duties and Responsibilities
Unit 3 Activity #4: Dodgy rep or not?
Unit 4 Supporting Clients
Unit 5 Recognising Poor Advice
Unit 6 Activity #5: Who has received poor service?
Unit 7 Complaints
Unit 8 Appendix A - Who regulates whom and how to check
Module 4 Answers  
Unit 1 Answers to Activity #1
Unit 2 Further Discussion of Activity #2
Unit 3 Model Answer for Activity #3
Unit 4 Answers to Activity #4
Unit 5 Model Answer for Activity #5
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This course is free if your organisation is a FIAP member